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Crowd Correct

79% of websurfers judge a website based on its grammatical quality. Only 3% doesn’t care about grammar at all.
Don’t loose out on sales because of grammar!

Our CrowdCorrect Mission

Did you ever try getting pulled away from your  from a text that you’ve immersed yourself in, simply because of a typo or other grammatical errors? Have you also ever come across a comment, notifying the writer about grammar or fact mistakes in a text? 

Then you’re just like us, and 79% of the webreaders out there!
And we have some great news to share with you in this regard:


Here at CrowdCorrect, we are hoping to change poor grammar and non-factual facts on blogs, newssites and social media alike.
We’ve spent the past 4 years on building a platform that we whole-heartedly believe can influence the culture of not only the content creators, but also the content readers, in a positive way so that maybe we will all start helping each other become better writers and be constructive in situations where we see room for improvement.


For starters, we’ve developed a plugin for the most used CMS out there, WordPress. And we’re planning to continue expanding our ecosystem to more CMS-systems, browsers and even as full on custom platforms. we’ll make our services tailored to small and medium-sized blogs and businesses. 

Our dream is that CrowdCorrect and its upcomming features, will become the go-to platform for interacting with users through websites.