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Pinned Post

This is a test post for the Pinned post category. I want to see how this would behave, when presented on the frontpage.

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Logo suggestions

Let’s look at a couple of logo suggestions we made.

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Welcome to Crowd Correct.

You might have tried being pulled away from a text that you’ve immersed yourself in, because of a typo or other grammatical errors. You might also have come across a comment, notifying the writer about this mistake
The unfortunate side-effect about this phenomenon is, that the comment is seldom very helpful in nature. More often than not the correction can completely deflate the original post.

That is what we, here at CrowdCorrect, are hoping to change. We have created a platform that can influence the culture in a positive way, so that maybe we will all start helping each other become better writers and be constructive in situations where we see room for improvement.

For starters, we’ve developed a plugin for the most used CMS out there, WordPress. And we’ve planned to continue to expand our ecosystem to other large Content Management Systems as well as browsers. and make our services tailored to small and medium sized blogs and businesses. Our hope that CrowdCorrect will become a popular platform, so much so, that readers will be more inclined to use 10 seconds to help the author be correct and thereby get their message across in a more effective way.